fostering goals

The arts have a unique ability to inspire and motivate children, and enable them to seek excellence, develop discipline, and find joy. The SBDI program is extremely effective in transmitting these goals and fostering remarkably high achievement.

Bill Cirone, County Superintendent of Schools / Read Full Article


great hope for a community

I am impressed and excited by the abundance of vibrant joy, self esteem, and spirit, exuded by the young dancers of SBDI.  Watching them perform gives me great hope for the youth in our community.  Bravo to Rosalina for her visionary leadership and talent.

Rod Latham

standard of excellence

Ms. Macisco holds herself to a standard of excellence and encourages the same of her peers.  Because of her character, she brought creativity, energy, and knowledge when implementing the dance and drama program.  She skillfully articulates her understanding in the art field and demonstrates effective teaching strategies that Los Olivos School has adopted as a part of its school wide plan.

Anjanette Winckler, Principal Los Olivos Elementary School

expecting excellence

The main difference in this dance class is the teacher.  She has been a role model for the children.  She expects excellence upon herself and in a very loving way expects it of her students.  She does not allow them to short change themselves and as a result the children have risen far above what I expected and what they expected of themselves.

Yolanda Tovar, Classroom Teacher


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